From darkness to light

In winter’s clutch, the world lay still,
A canvas painted in shades of chill.
The trees stood bare, the skies so gray,
Hope seemed far, in disarray.

But time moves on, as whispers in the wind,
Hint at change, where despair had been pinned.
The snow melts away, revealing the ground,
A symbol of life, soon to be found.

Spring arrives with a gentle embrace,
Awakening the earth with its grace.
Flowers bloom, painting the world anew,
In vibrant hues of every hue.

The sun breaks through the lingering gloom,
Filling hearts with warmth, dispelling doom.
Birds sing songs of joy, so sweet and clear,
Proclaiming the news that happiness is near.

This transition, from dark to light,
Reminds us all of the perpetual fight.
For after every hardship, there comes ease,
A cycle of life, meant to appease.

So let us welcome spring, with open arms,
And find solace in its charms.
For it brings hope, and a fresh start,
Healing the winter’s wounds in our heart.