These modern Linux tools might enhance your workflow

  • <code>fd</code> is a simple and fast file search tool, enhancing the Unix find command.
  • <code>exa</code> is a modern replacement for ls, enhancing file listing with better defaults.
  • <code>dog</code> is a modern, feature-rich DNS client for the command-line.
  • <code>ncdu</code> is a console disk usage analyzer for quick space management.
  • <code>bat</code> is a cat clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration for the command-line.
  • <code>sd</code> is a simple and intuitive find-and-replace CLI tool, aiming to improve upon sed.
  • <code>dust</code> visualizes disk usage with an emphasis on clarity, acting as a more intuitive du.
  • <code>xh</code> is a friendly and fast HTTP client for the terminal, inspired by curl and HTTPie.
  • <code>duf</code> is a modern disk usage utility for the command-line with an intuitive interface.